Первый альтернативный

Кисель из яблок

августа 6, 2011

200 г. яблок, 125 г. сахара, 70 г. крахмала – для густого киселя.

Яблоки промыть, нарезать, залить водой и  варить.  Когда  они  станут

мягкими, их протереть вместе с отваром, добавить сахар и довести до  ки-

пения. Затем ввести разведенный в воде крахмал и заварить кисель.

Информация для иностранных посетителей:

Alsatian cake Treated bean pods break in half or into three pieces and pour a little water. Simmer until tender. Then add the red wine and carrots, cooked separately and sliced ??thinly. Season with salt and pepper and simmer everything together. Add the greens. Dice bacon, fry lightly in a pan, then add the sliced ??onion rings and fry with bacon. Beans and carrots to put on a plate, top with roasted onion put bacon. This file can be chopped meat or steak. 750 g green beans, 250 grams of carrots, 2 onions, 1 glass of red wine, 125 grams of lean smoked bacon, 2-3 tbsp. finely chopped herbs, salt and pepper. Get 250-300 g wet fish mince, add to it in small portions ? liters of cream. Strained fish broth diluted with white wine. Spoon rinse with cold water and use it to quickly lower the meatballs into hot broth, which is put on very low heat. Cook meatballs 25 minutes. Cook the vegetables in broth until tender. Buns cut into slices and fry in fat and razvarit them in the broth, then rub through a sieve. Beat in milk, egg yolk added to the soup, season with salt and sprinkle with parsley. If you wish, sprinkle with grated cheese. 400 g of cabbage, 40 g sugar, 10 g salt, 20 g flour, 40 g fat, 20 g fat, 60 g onion, cumin and vinegar. Fish quenelles of pike

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