Первый альтернативный

Свинина любительская

августа 20, 2011

170 г. свинины, 10 г. сливочного масла, 20 г. сыра, 25 г. ветчины, 10

г. топленого масла, 25 г. грибов, петрушка, соус «Кетчуп», соус  красный

- 70 г.

На тонкие отбитые порционные куски мяса положите фарш и сверните  из-

делье в виде колбасок. Подготовленный полуфабрикат посыпьте солью,  пер-

цем, обжарьте и уложите в горшочек. Сверху  положите  мелко  нарезанный,

предварительно обжаренный картофель, залейте соусом и тушите. Фарш:  сыр

натертый на крупной терке, ветчина, нарезанная соломкой, мелко рубленная

зелень петрушки. Соус: в красный соус (из томата) положите грибы,  пред-

варительно сваренные до полу готовности, и добавьте соус типа «Кетчуп».

Информация для иностранных посетителей:

Alsatian cake Prepared carcass split each into 4 pieces and fry in enough oil. Sauteed chunks removed from the pan and put it in diced bacon, 2 small onions, finely chopped mushrooms and garlic pounded. All this is a little put out, then put back into the pan the chicken pieces, pour a glass of cognac, sprinkle with flour, add the bay leaf, thyme, and remaining onion. Mix well and add the red wine. Season with salt and pepper. Then remove the meat and the sauce to boil half. Pour this sauce hot meat and serve. Calculated for 2-4 servings. Potatoes Savoy Pie with bacon, cream and eggs Pike weighing 1 kg, 1 small onion, a bunch of herbs, black pepper, red pepper, ? liter of white wine, 3 protein, ? liter of cream or a thick bechamel, made from 40 g butter, 50 g of flour, ? liter of milk, 2 yolk, a pinch of salt. The fish is cleaned, washed, cut off the fins, heads, tails (small fish left whole), split into pieces (preferably removed bone). Onion cut into large rings and fry in vegetable oil, add sliced ??tomatoes, green onions, parsley, thyme, bay leaf, garlic pounded n peel an orange. All a bit put out, then add the tails, heads, fins and a fish with a denser meat (eel, halibut), add salt and cover with water so that all the fish was covered and put on a strong fire to boil water quickly, and cook for 7.8 min. Then add the fish with a softer meat and cook for 7 minutes. Buyabess cook no more than 15 minutes. Then, remove the soup from the heat, add a good white wine, pepper and hard to put on quite a weak flame for 5 minutes. Fish broth through a sieve. Put it toasted or fresh bread slices and pour the soup into bowls. Fish submitted separately on a heated platter. Sprinkle with parsley. Panadel soup at home

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